Ingersoll Animal Hospital is an ideal solution when you need to board your pet. Our comfortable facility is open to all cats and dogs that meet our general boarding criteria. All pets are boarded indoors in temperature-controlled areas. Bathing, grooming, and veterinary services can even be scheduled during your pet’s stay! Boarding with a team that already knows your pet will add an increased level of comfort for your dog or cat. 


Our Pet Boarding Packages

—Every dog boarded at Ingersoll Animal Hospital is walked on a leash twice daily in our enclosed pet exercise area by one of our veterinary assistants.We offer packages to suit your boarding preferences and the needs of our patients. We begin with the highest quality boarding available and allow owners to supplement the basic package based on their pet’s unique care needs.

  • TLC—TLC boarders receive the standard boarding package plusadditional walks and treats daily, as well as a daily brush out. Our TLC boarders will receive the highest quality bedding we offer and go home with a report card at the end of their stay.
  • Medical Boarders—We know that leaving your pet who requires medication can be worrysome, but rest assured that our skilled staff will administer needed medication for your pet while he or she is staying with us.

Download our Boarding Release Form or contact us at Ingersoll Animal Hospital.